Why Mabledon Capital Limited?


Great investment solutions call for undivided attention: to detail, to the needs of the client and to the movement of the market. We take immense pride in the superior level of engagement that we have with each client. We ensure that every solution provided is made after a complete and thorough understanding of the client’s investment objectives as well as the current market situation.


Our primary objective is to ensure the needs of our clients, whether individual or corporate, are met in the best way possible. We as a company ensure that the client gets exactly what they ask for. This gives us the opportunity to have a framework that is not limited to offer any specific pre-built product but has the flexibility to provide tailor-made solutions for maximum returns on client investment.


Our first step towards assisting our clients is to understand in detail, the client’s suitability and objectives. We understand that every client is unique and a one-size-fits-all approach would not be appropriate. Hence our solutions are designed such that they provide a blend between the current market, the client’s investment objectives and risk appetite.


Our strategic partnerships enable our clients to enjoy extremely fine pricing, which significantly increases the returns on their investments.


We believe in providing our clients with strategic partnerships with various banks and to secure online banking platforms from these banks which allows them to refer to financial instruments. They are also provided with regular statements and any additional information is thereby provided on request. Clients are given access to check the status of their portfolio at any given time.


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